Master Bastard
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Four aging, life-long friends and adversaries fend off the ordinary through the poetry of the profane.  From potty humor to funeral home funnies, the Bastards don't just slaughter the sacred cow, they have sex with it first.  It takes a real Bastard to laugh at another's suffering.  But to laugh at the suffering of your closest friends, it takes something more.  A Master Bastard.

Master Bastard #21 - Cavalcade of Men

Tonight Ramtang answers the question everyone has been asking: "What is the medical condition of his sperm?" We find out what Sir Chapsworth's dog and horny sea otters have in common, disturbing news stories remind us of Colorado's colorful criminal character, and the boys orally partake in a bit of prison culture. All this entertainment is rounded off with some literary critique and the Master Bastard exclusive exposé on the original meaning of a musical classic.