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Flavos Shrimp Rolls

I was sifting through public domain videos and found this little gem.  Flavos Shrimp Roll.  A delectable treat once available in drive-in theaters across the country.  A true, lost culinary treasure.

A meaty shrimp mixture all wrapped up in a crispy noodle jacket!  Doesn't it just sound mouth watering?  I'll bet it was served just above room temperature.

They're Shrimply Delicious!

Friday The 13th - Unchained Melody

Happy Friday the 13th!  I present to you a heartwarming mash-up.  Some of Jason Voorhees' greatest kills paired with the classic love song, Unchained Melody.  Jason will wipe those tears darling, with his machete.



I try and I try but YouTube will not let me post the video on the blog.  Something about me not "owning" the song Unchained Melody.  So just click this link if you want to watch.  I'm fucking sorry for the lack of convenience.