Master Bastard
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Four aging, life-long friends and adversaries fend off the ordinary through the poetry of the profane.  From potty humor to funeral home funnies, the Bastards don't just slaughter the sacred cow, they have sex with it first.  It takes a real Bastard to laugh at another's suffering.  But to laugh at the suffering of your closest friends, it takes something more.  A Master Bastard.

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Master Bastard #231 - The Erotikon

Trooper is back and he brought gifts! The Bastards chat and then play a very visual online game. Just skip the last 20 minutes unless you love Audio Gold! Classtard! Get your hot, Classtard, here!!

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Master Bastard #230 - Marvin Pansexual

The Bastards take a belated dive into the trailers from San Diego Comic Con 2019. Their rundown is constantly interrupted by argument based side quests and long kept secret revelations. I Classtard my pants.

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Master Bastard #229 - Foamy Ravioli

The Bastards talk about Bullet Head, boozing and renaissance art. Then they chatter on about the woes of Olde English 800 diarrhea. Terlet gets annoyed with the random topic shifting, shame and shouting ensues. Classtard.

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Master Bastard #228 - Water Babies Of Massacre Rocks

The Bastards bring that new hotness. Do people still say that? Is New Hotness now the Old Hotness? Is Old Hotness now cool? Is cool still cool? Terlet gets drunk on Olde E and shrieks… a lot. There is buckets of fight sports, urban legends and the general chatter that you know and tolerate. Classtard!

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Master Bastard #227 - Nothing But Road Problems

The Bastards chat about the wonders of home ownership and yard maintenance. Then it’s limericks, misogyny, and bit of bagel guy. We’ve got buckets of Classtard, go ahead and grab a gooey handful.

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Master Bastard #226 - Cottage Cheese

Hamtackle likes sports! Did you know that? Well, he does. Hamtackle can talk about sports without warning, at any moment. Fight sports! Ball sports! Almost any kind of sports! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! Classtard, if there is time for it with all them sports!

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Master Bastard #225 - Rucksack Randall

The Bastards talk about the movie “Get Carter”. The Michael Caine one, not the Stallone one. They get all creative with limericks and dream journals. Then it’s time to discuss Sean Penn’s performance in “I am Sam”. Insensitivity, ahoy!! Classtard.

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Master Bastard #224 - Quality Champion

The Bastards are back and they love ice cream. The full hour is the sounds of spoon licking and bowl clinking. Did someone say Sprinkles? Fuck, yes. Thatsa spicy Classtard!

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Master Bastard #223 - Fat Men, Rejoice!

Star Trek, birthmarks, painful death, grandpa compost and SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS! That’s Classtard.

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Master Bastard #222 - Bat Skin

The Bastards talk about the 10 Commandments of Office Etiquette. They chat about the Picard Star Trek show, read an article about a man who ate pasta, belligerently. While discussing a porn video game, they discover that Sir Chapsworth has never heard of hentai. They watch hentai. Classtard.

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