Master Bastard
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Four aging, life-long friends and adversaries fend off the ordinary through the poetry of the profane.  From potty humor to funeral home funnies, the Bastards don't just slaughter the sacred cow, they have sex with it first.  It takes a real Bastard to laugh at another's suffering.  But to laugh at the suffering of your closest friends, it takes something more.  A Master Bastard.

Master Bastard #158 - DNA Scotch

The Bastards are back and crouched in a four point stance of passion.  Spoon clinking, shit sequestering, escalated calls, fart muses, J-Lo, Foreman vs. Seagal, toilet side wrenches, suspected hate crimes and Oingo Boingo.  Get you some?

Master Bastard #157 - Shimbles' Sewer of Sadism

The Bastards have been abducted, stripped naked and forced to perform a series of tasks for a mysterious madman.  Can they escape Shimbles' Sewer of Sadism!?

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Master Bastard #156 - Ass To Ass

The Bastards start off strong with mutual angression followed up by junkie movie and bad theatre reviews.  They then supplement their genitals with bad timing gun talk and ssssssSPORTSsss!  Classtard.

Master Bastard #155 - Spilling Eggs

This episode is almost entirely dedicated to parasites and the fun times they bring.  Bring a bucket, you might fill it.  Classtard!

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Master Bastard #153 - The World Series of Murder

The Bastards gather around the old baseball diamond for an impromptu game of Fantasy Murderer Baseball.  It's not fantasy murderers, like The Witch King of Angmar or Voldemort.  It's real murderers, but um.... real murderers as players in a very basic fantasy baseball game.  But I really should have included Voldemort...  Voldemort and Slimer from Ghostbusters.  Everyone knows Slimer was a pedophile rapist before he was executed and his soul punished by haunting 1980's New York luxury hotels.  Classtard.  

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Master Bastard #152 - Juicy Riches

Sir Chapsworth's brother, Remington Steele joins the Bastards for a chat about aliens and the normal salty garbage.  Classtard!!

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Master Bastard #151 - Musical Peedleopedia

The odd and often uncomfortable world of teen peer pressure is no stranger to any of us, and this dark comedy zooms unhesitatingly into this pressure cooker. It dishes up some grotesque stereotypes, and tosses them into a cleverly campy scenario that threatens the lives of the entire student body of Master Bastard High.

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Master Bastard #150 - Sukiyaki

Mongol chief Temujin battles against Tartar armies and for the love of the Tartar princess Bortai. Temujin becomes the emperor Genghis Khan.

Master Bastard #149 - Be Glad I'm Not A Twin

El universo ya está protegido por el poder de GraySkull con secretos poderes destella un castillo He-Man luchará hasta el final!!