Master Bastard


The Sexy Ballad of Kim Jong-il

Come on down and cop a feel

Come squeeze the balls of Kim Jong-il

He won't deny you, so you're in luck

Because Kim Jong-il just loves to fuck

Bend over and give your ankles a grasp

So Kim Jong-il can pound your ass

For a Korean man, his dick is long

His sexual prowess is the point of this song

Kim Kim Kim Jong-il

Master of Korea, he's a really big deal

Man or woman, child or cow

It don't matter he'll fuck you now!

Kim Kim Kim Jong-il

Worlds greatest lover, potent sexual appeal

Virgin or whore, monk or nun

Just close your eyes and let Kim have fun

North Korea is a sad, sad place

You've always got Kim's Jizz all over your face

He'll lick you neck and eat your butt

He'll cover your back in his salty nut

So part your lips and give him a wink

Sex with him is better than you think

His soldiers line up single file

While he pretends their asses are a vertical smile

Kim Kim Kim Jong-il

Leader of the world, your heart he'll steal

Commie or king, corpse or brother

Kim Jong-il will make you his lover

Kim Kim Kim Jong-il

Dick so strong it could club a seal

Sick or fit, old or young

He don't care, he'll still pillage your bung

Whatever you do, just don't say NO!

Kim Jong-il is not your average Joe

You'll have no choice as you will see

He'll eat your ass like a bowl of Kimchi

You may think that you can deny him

But if he wants in you better let him

So spread your bits and hold on tight

Kim's lovemaking could last all night

Kim Kim Kim Jong-il

Kim Kim Kim Jong-il

Kim Kim Kim Jong-il

Kim Kim Kim


Kim Kim Kim Jong-il

Kim Kim Kim Jong-il

Kim Kim Kim Jong-il